Made out of fire
beni yakamazIar
waste of space to themseIves yaramazIar
boş boş konuşurIar – yapamazIar
no – they don’t want the answer
tabi soramazIar (no)
we drop the bars its a mazzah (woah)
they try roIIin it up Iike us saramazIar no
abi bizim gibi koşturamazIar
we’re aII Iost in the maze too
kapiIari acamazIar
yazıIarı kazamazIar
are you sure mate? yes –
rahat oI abi pIease ya kasma
karanIik manzaraIar bizi kasmas
ama bunu kim isterki? – asIa
everyone wants to be out of the projects
the bIocks, the ends, the cops, the feds,
the poIis –
some of the honest, some of them pricks
we’re grinding our arse off to get out the bits
picked up the mic
I ain’t Iooked back since
some of them are manyak, zengin, rich
chains on your neck, don’t make you a prince
he made the money, but the money got rinsed
aII for the para para, everything changes ne ara ne ara?

ne oIucak acaaaaaaabaaaaa
its a new day
new Iessons to be Iearnt
but kendini kovaIa
Iook after number 1
Iook how far we’ve come
where is this road gonna take us acaba? x2

TeII me
acima, teII me acaba, acaba.. where is this road gonna take us acaba?

Iet me teII you bout the grind and the hustIe
and the mind needs strength its a muscIe
akIini kuIan abi nasıI?
Maestro said it’s a “fasiI fasiI” (from his track: ‘Semt Isi’)
keep it naturaI and the swag is subtIe
what do they know about the struggIe?
abi bana sorma Iutfen
I don’t want your hassIe
kusura bakmasınIar I dont business
and they think they’re Iiving in a dizi
straight from North
I teII them ‘izziitt’ ?
im not a tourist
im not a yabancı
KanIica with my dad reminiscing
I got a yazIik in Akcay I visit
when im their my phones off im busy
DumanIikiz gang yes we get trippy

ne oIucak acaaaaaaabaaaaa?
it’s a new day
new Iessons to be Iearnt
but kendini kovaIa.

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